Ben Candidi, a 28-year-old professionally dead-ended techie, is offered "the King's Shilling." Ben is asked to do a little unauthorized undercover sleuthing for his ex-boss, Dr. Geoffrey Westley, the Chief Dade County (Miami, FL) Medical Examiner. Aristocratic, legendary, aging Dr. Westley thinks that one of the pharmacology professors at nearby Bryan Medical School murdered his chairman, using a cleverly selected poison that left no trace.

     It seems an easy enough assignment for Ben: just enter the Ph.D. program at Bryan Medical School, innocently gather information on 12 pharmacology professors, figure which prof did it with which poison, and secretly pass the information on to Dr. Westley, who will take it from there. Ben can then go back to working on his Ph.D.

     But it's never that easy, even for a Mensa genius. Science projects always take longer than expected. Scientific information isn't harmless, even if it's gathered innocently. Will the information lead back to Ben after an arrest is made and the defense starts getting organized? Does the "information" add up to a forensic proof? Or is it just an elaborate theory concocted by a deluded duo a young man who hasn't learned enough and an "old boy" who has forgotten too much.

"First-time novelist Dirk Wyle skillfully pairs the tone of the hard-boiled mystery with the intricate scientific detail common to the medical thriller. The result is an excellent whodunit ... a first-class mystery that combines elements of Michael Crichton, Patricia Cornwell, and even Edna Buchanan."

Booklist Mystery Showcase

American Library Association

"... one fine debut mystery, combining scientific method with a quirky, humanistic scientist/detective and resulting in the perfect compound ... inventive, intriguing, and most importantly, evocatively drawn. If you like a puzzle, you'll love this one."

Les Standiford, author

Presidential Deal


Wyle, Dirk, 1945-
Pharmacology is murder / Dirk Wyle
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     I wish to thank Carlisle, Yvonne, Karl, Ellen, Larry, Elena, Gisela, Mary, Daniel, Henry, Winona, Ed, Mary-May, Charles, Ira, Paddy, Sandra, Cynthia, Nancye, Lenore and Douglas (Miami bicyclist, historian and photographer) for their candid reactions to my work while in progress.

     This novel is dedicated to all who have known a true love of science the solitary pursuit of Nature's secrets in the laboratory at three o'clock in the morning.

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       Chapter 1:    On the Carpet
       Chapter 2:    Proposition
       Chapter 3:    The Road Not Taken
       Chapter 4:    Application
       Chapter 5:    Acceptance
       Chapter 6:    Interviews
       Chapter 7:    First Class
       Chapter 8:    Second Class
       Chapter 9:    Psyching Out the Profs
       Chapter 10:   Basic Training
       Chapter 11:   Departmental Seminar
       Chapter 12:   Inside Scoop
       Chapter 13:   Zeroing In
       Chapter 14:   Neurotoxins Galore
       Chapter 15:   More Intelligence
       Chapter 16:   Stroke of Genius
       Chapter 17:   Rebecca
       Chapter 18:   Selecting Selectins
       Chapter 19:   Animal Tracking
       Chapter 20:   Tragedy of Science
       Chapter 21:   Elliott Key
       Chapter 22:   Phase Two
       Chapter 23:   Winter Break
       Chapter 24:   Cool Yule
       Chapter 25:   New Year's Revelations
       Chapter 26:   Evaluation
       Chapter 27:   Possible Eureka
       Chapter 28:   Solo at Exeter
       Chapter 29:   Command Performance
       Chapter 30:   Return Engagement
       Chapter 31:   Reverberation
       Chapter 32:   Encore
       Chapter 33:   Fallout
       Chapter 34:   Escape
       Chapter 35:   Exile
       Chapter 36:   Return
       Chapter 37:   Under the Video Microscope
       Chapter 38:   Administrative Hearing
       Chapter 39:   Final Chapter
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