Dear Dirk,

As Chair of Pharmacology at the USF College of Medicine in Tampa, should I be worried that my faculty may get ideas from your book?  Kidding aside, I enjoyed reading the book, although it was (and will forever remain) a bit unsettling for me.


Lynn Wecker, Ph.D.
Distinguished Res Prof & Chair
Dept Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Univ. South Florida College of Medicine
Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33612-4799

Dear Lynn,

I'm glad you liked my story but found it unsettling.  My purpose was achieved.  In the early stages, I toyed with the idea of writing "Pharmacology ..." as a thriller (vs mystery).  I decided against that form.  I did not want to portray a nefarious poisoner who was too evil to be believed.  I cast the story as a mystery so I could also develop a moral dimension.  And although the book is scientifically realistic, describing several methods of poisoning, my examples are not enabling for a lay person.

Thanks for your interest.

- Dirk

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