(from p. 324 of the novel)

     "Like hell you're a policeman!" I yelled. "You busted my lock and trashed my boat and ..."
     "Here, let me show you my badge."
     Before I could say anything, his hand was fumbling in the right outside pocket of his jacket.
     "Don't move," I screamed.
     He brought up his hand as if producing a badge. The tear gas hit me faster than I could shut my eyes. After a split second's hesitation, I let loose the sling. My ears told me it struck wood, not flesh. As I gasped for breath, a fist jolted my stomach. I tripped over a fender and fell back on an open hatch, my legs splayed open.
     "You little bastard. You point that thing at me?" he growled. A bolt of lightning went up my spine and reverberated in my skull when he stomped my crotch. I gasped, sucking the dripping tear gas deep into my lungs. Doubled up in a paroxysm of coughing, I received an roundhouse to the left side of the face. "Did yuh get a good look at me? You good at identifying narcotics officers?"
     "No," I croaked.
     "Maybe you wanna get another look at me." He sprayed more tear gas around my mouth and nose.
 "You dome sheet! You almost killed me," snarled the high- pitched one. Instinctively, I ducked as the skin on the top of my skull was plowed open.

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