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On the Pharmaceutical Science Described in the Novel

Hi Dirk:

Just writing to say I have thoroughly enjoyed "Pharmacology is Murder" and the science contained therein.  I thoroughly enjoyed the work and have found myself rereading many sections to appreciate the information and images that you so carefully crafted.  A particular appeal is that my laboratory works on organic methods to stabilize peptides against enzymatic degradation.  The applications are in oral delivery of peptide drugs.

It was also interesting how you had your protagonist Ben reading a Scientific American article on salvaging an old wooden ship in the Stockholm harbor.  One of my Arts and Sciences colleagues, Dr. John Hale, published an article on Viking long ships in the February 1998 Scientific American.  Did you see it, by chance?

Dr. Arno F. Spatola
Dept. Chemistry
University of Louisville 
Academic Website
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Dear Arno:

What a pleasant surprise to get your E-mail yesterday -- A scientist who likes my book AND is doing original research in one of the areas that was part of protagonist Ben's investigation!

I couldn't resist a Medline search on your most recent papers (via Medline under Dirk's Previous Picks of the Month).  Here, I offer our interested website visitors a link to Dr. Spatola's recent research.

Your work is an excellent example of the cutting edge of biomedical science described in my book.  I found further examples in your company's newsletter.

Also, thanks for the heads-up on the Viking longship article.  My February, 1998 Scientific American is probably buried in a pile of National Geographics and Atlantics under the coffee table.  At your impetus, I looked it up at the Scientific American website (see Dirk's Previous Picks of the Month).  "Viking Longships," by Dr. John Hale  is interesting reading.

Protagonist Ben Candidi would be interested to know whether they ever got those boats up to hull speed, and how high they could point into the wind.

With best wishes,

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