(Biotechnology is Murder)

"Nifty, light-hearted and deadly."

Edna Buchanan, author of Garden of Evil

"... a potent mix of science, business and crime."

Publishers Weekly

". . . a timely plot with larger than life characters."

Midwest Review

"... a very well written and clever second addition to the Ben Candidi series. Dirk Wyle is able to paint a vivid picture of Ben Candidi's world.... Halfway through this book, I reached the point where I happily lost track of time and had to remind myself to breathe. Wyle followed through with a stunning ending that felt realistic and complete.

Andrea Collare, Charlotte Austin Review

"... a combination white collar crime medical thriller hard-boiled mystery. ... Ben Candidi doesn't carry a gun or have a PI license. He's witty, complex and a very different sleuth."

Lane Wright, Mystery Books

"Against the backdrop of this intriguing mystery, the author takes us on a tour through the Byzantine world of high finance and biotechnology."

Dr. Charles C. Ouimet reviewing for the HMS Beagle (BioMedNet)

"An exciting tale of murder and mayhem generated by the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. ... As the tale unfolds the reader learns a great deal about the workings of basic and applied pharmaceutical research, the patenting process, and escort services available in Miami. The book is technically accurate and exciting."

Ronald K. Wright, MD, JD, Chief Medical Examiner Emeritus, Broward County, FL

"Science and exotic murders combine with America's favorite Gen-X detective to offer a perfect read for the educated mystery lover curious about the biotech industry. Highly recommended. Another movie script prospect."

Arno F. Spatola, Ph.D., Pres. & CEO, Peptides International, Louisville, KY

"Dirk Wyle has woven often overlooked but important aspects of patent law into a due diligence investigation overlaid with murder. Time is always of the essence in such investigations and facing a deadline Ben Candidi is prodded to winkel facts from unwilling sources to provide his expertise, adding tension to the analysis. I particularly enjoyed Candidi's ability to take a snippet of information related only to patent law and base a significant portion of his investigation on it."

Arthur R. Crawford, Esq., Patent Attorney, Nixon & Vanderhye PC, Arlington, VA

"Fun reading .... The characters are very well drawn. One quickly conjures up an image of each. ... The Oxford/Cambridge pathologist and the video gadgeteer are welcomed when they reappear ... [in the second novel]."

Stephen J. Morris, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City

"Great characters, good logic and memorable twists."

Tom Gasiewicz, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester

"... Wyle writes a heck of a good novel ... keeping the reader hooked as he proceeds."

G. Miki Hayden, By Reason of Insanity and Pacific Empire

"... Biotechnology is Murder gives the reader a thrilling ride and sets up a number of ethical issues in the bargain."

C.A. Jackson in Orchard Press Online Mystery Magazine

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