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Bob Speth

Biomedical Scientist


by Bob Speth, Ph.D.

Our genome is known from A to T,
With filling in by G and C.

Amazing how these letters four
can color eyes and so much more.

But what of the rest of the alphabet?
Is there more we don't know yet?

Sir Francis and Lord Venter vied
to be the first with knowledge pried

from chromosomes so tightly coiled
to yield their code they must be boiled,

with the heat of competition
driving them towards completion.

So what of us is preordained?
For which of our faults can the genome be blamed?

And what about our own free will?
Could that be an option still?

Questions to ponder of goods and ills,
are sure to challenge the ethicists' skills.

Copyright, 2000
Bob Speth, Ph.D.
Reproduced with permission


Professor, Novelist and Explorer of Mayan Ruins

Lindsay Lafford

Professor, organist, composer and

Lord of Ridley

Kevin Hurley at Scotty's Landing
Kevin Hurley
Kevin Hurley at Scotty's Landing    
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