BIOTECH'S Principal Scientist

(from p. 67 of the novel)

     Bud King pointed to the blond-haired woman sitting towards the end of the long table. She was in her late twenties or early thirties. "And now I introduce Dr. Cheryl North, my right-hand scientific expert. I put Cheryl onto that invention and she's taking it through the roof."
     I wasn't the only one who took a quick second look at that green-eyed lady. Seeming to enjoy the attention, she smiled confidently at everyone. I would probably be dealing with her. ...
     ... Dr. Chandler's remarks turned into a lecture on the "paradigm of technological entrepreneurship." I used the time to take stock of Dr. Cheryl North, Bud King's "right-hand scientist" who was going to take the technology "through the roof." Her outward presentation was a studied optimization of natural good looks: Thick, straight blonde hair, carefully managed into graceful curves framing a broad forehead, and pleasantly rounded face with widely-spaced light green eyes. They moved slowly and self-assuredly under blonde eyebrows, artfully accented with a touch of dark liner. Seldom do women in science look that good. If I hadn't known differently, I would have guessed her a seasoned fashion model now working as a buyer for a chain of expensive department stores.
     Dr. North listened to Chandler and responded to our stock seller, every time he whispered something in her ear. She would nod, give him a big-eyed smile, and then returned her attention to a sheet of paper, as if making notes.
     No question why our team's macho found Dr. North attractive. Her silk blouse was ...