Dear Dirk,

Pharmacology is Murder was as much fun as it was informative.  I was in awe of the fact that I didn't have to mentally edit out gratuitous sex and/or violence all the time, or at all.  The hero was a bright, decent guy——extraordinary!  Many thanks.

Mary Heussenstamm
La Crescenta, California

Dear Mary,

You put it well:  Having to "mentally edit out" wanton violence and gratuitous sex.  Too many of today's thriller books and action movies are long on violence and sex, and are short on imagination.  Scumbags abound and decent people are hard to find.  And it's often so mindless. I couldn't bring myself to spend upwards of 2,000 hours writing that type of story.  And I would feel bad asking anyone to spend 12 hours reading it.

With best wishes,


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