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Can a dog be an expert witness?

Clinical Research Abstracts on Topical Plants

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"NUMB3RS depicts how the confluence of police work and mathematics provides unexpected revelations and answers to the most perplexing criminal questions."

Jared Diamond

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Dr. James Zull


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Dr. Zull combines expert knowledge of brain imaging studies and learning theory, enabling a practical understanding of the brain's learning cycle:

(1)   New information is received by the sensory cortex, then

(2)   Reflective observation is carried out by the integrative cortex, then

(3)   Abstract hypotheses are constructed in the frontal cortex, then

(4)   The new knowledge is subjected to active testing involving the motor cortex
      (Bringing in new knowledge to perpetuate the cycle)

When all steps in the cycle are working well in an emotionally supportive environment, the result is continuous active learning. When any of these steps is inhibited, active learning is not achieved. Dr. Zull gives suggestions for removing these blocks using examples drawn from a long teaching career.



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Is Personality Determined by the Age of Seven?

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I'm telling you, the life of a comedian is hard. I just flew up from New York to be with you. Boy, are my arms tired!

Te estoy diciendo que, la vida de un cómico sea dura. Acabo de volar para arriba de Nueva York para estar con ti. ¡El muchacho, es mis brazos cansados!

I am saying to you that, the life of a comedian is hard. I finish flying for above of New York being with you. The boy, is my tired arms!


A man from Mars walks into a tavern and walks up to the Wurlitzer jukebox and says, "Hey, baby, what's a beautiful girl like you doing in a joint like this?"

Ein Mann von Mars geht in einen Tavern und geht bis zum Wurlitzer jukebox und sagt, „he, Baby, wie ein schönes Mädchen dich tuend in einer Verbindung so ist."

A man of Mars goes into a Tavern and goes up to the Wurlitzer jukebox and says, „he, baby, how a beautiful girl you is doing in a connection so?"


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