Dirk Wyle's tips for


Two ways to see the sights and ecosystem described in Dirk Wyle's mystery-thriller, Amazon Gold:

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(A preplanned, luxury tour)

Seven-Day, Thousand-Dollar Amazon Package

offered by

Marilyn M Kutcher-McCourt of Travel Leaders, 800-448-7058 #1439; mkmccourt@aol.com

Includes roundtrip air, Miami/Manaus/Miami, 3-night cruise on the Amazon, 3 nights at Ariau Towers (treetop hotel) and one night at Tropical Hotel, Manaus


(A plan-it-yourself, meet-the-backpackers and explore-the-back-country tour)

Hotel 10 de Juhlo (Manaus) and Iguana Tours

(Book your own flight with TAM)

Spend 2-3 days doing Manaus on foot (sleeping for about $13 per night), have Wilson Castro take you into the rain forest for 3 days, then take a river boat (barco regional) from Sao Raimundo landing up the Rio Negro, hammock class, for about $10 per day like Ben Candidi.

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